Meet Cannabis Pioneer Anuanette Gomez

Article by Team Penthouse

Pleasure Peaks CEO Antuanette Gomez is using weed to lead women to happier, healthier sex lives.

Pleasure Peaks CEO, Antuanette GomezLike most of us, cannabis enthusiast Antuanette Gomez, founder and CEO of Pleasure Peaks, first smoked weed in high school…just because. When she was nervously taking a hit of a joint, she never imagined that the psychoactive plant would someday become her bread and butter.  

“I usually ended up being the one who got too stoned or would just eat everything in the fridge,” the 24-year-old Canadian recalls. “If you would have told me I’d have a successful career in cannabis back then, I’d say you were crazy.”

Hailing from Toronto, the entrepreneur, who first trained as a holistic nutritionist, has dedicated herself to enhancing women’s sexual pleasure and health by using the world’s favorite wonder weed. Before launching Pleasure Peaks, Gomez cut her teeth as the executive director for the Canadian branch of Women Grow, an international organization focused on female leadership in the cannabis industry. While there, she mentored various cannabis startups seeking guidance on navigating the legal side of the industry.

Last year, Gomez was named a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, a program recognizing young entrepreneurs, and in 2017 Toronto Life magazine saluted her influence shaping the new pot landscape. These days, with her career soaring and life on the move, she is gearing up for the spring 2020 release of Pleasure Peaks products in the U.S. and Canadian markets.

At its inception in 2015, Pleasure Peaks used cannabis to help patients at a local chronic pain clinic dealing with endometriosis and cervical cancer. Four years later, Pleasure Peaks now offers cannabis education; workshops to help couples bring cannabis into the bedroom; live programming on their YouTube channel; and “Pampered Pussy Spa Days,” complete with hemp oil manicures, mimosas, and CBD detox teas.

The time seemed right to catch up with the dynamic Gomez, a pioneer in a rapidly expanding world where weed, women, and sexual health come together.

What inspired Pleasure Peaks?

I was a student of holistic nutrition, focused on how natural ingredients heal various ailments. When I began learning about cannabis, I realized Health Canada had already been using cannabis as a medical treatment for over 20 years. As a result of my work in a chronic pain clinic, I became increasingly curious about how plants, and cannabis in particular, could be combined with other modalities to treat chronic pain. I wanted to make people’s lives better through cannabis, because I saw from experience the positive impact it had on patients who were able to access that type of care.

The more I learned about chronic pain, the more I became aware of women who suffer from sexual pain. It also became evident that this experience is common for women, and that treatment resources are limited. Women have been suffering in silence for too long due to the stigma surrounding female sexual health and pleasure. I realized a huge gap existed in the market for medical products to help women manage sexual pain, and so it became my personal mission to fill that void.

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