Dirty Talk Trials

Article by Sam Machado

When you talk dirty, does it feel erotic and sensual? Or, do you find it awkward as hell?

Talk Dirty to She

So you want to talk dirty? You know, as much as we love a naughty conversation with a hot chick, many of us do not necessarily list improv as one of our top talents when we’re about to hook up with her. During the heat of the moment, it can be easy to lean in for the kiss, slide in your tongue, caress her tit, and such. When using “our words” to show how turned on, though, that requires a skill for the game that many of us quite frankly never have much of a chance to practice. Many of us fall into the actions speak louder than words category, mostly because we understand the actions of sex, while the words can leave us feeling like inept virgins. Consequently many of us miss out on the chance to put the icing on the cake, the whipped cream on the pie — as it were.

As you might imagine, being a fan of this column, though, we have a solution: Camster to the rescue!

Now in fairness, we will likely not find dirty talk particularly necessary every time we take a girl home with us. After all, when you’re on a date or at the bar, you don’t typically say, “Oh yeah; you like that, baby?”

We may be flirting here and there, but one must respect the process, so the most successful of us does not simply jump right into the sex part. It may be the goal, but a little finesse can up your chances of success. Besides, you might actually learn something about the person behind the body parts. That kind of verbal foreplay can lead to shortfalls later, though, because when the time finally comes to get naked, we can be so focused on the action that we completely lose track of our sentences. Worse yet, that last thing we want to do would be to try to talk dirty, only to find you “Give Daddy some sugar” met with a complete WTF from your partner (or partners, because at least in our minds we should all be irresistible). We need how to say to what and when without ruining the ultimate why of the whole situation. Right?

Well, welcome to Cam Model professionals, where dirty talk sex gets a chance to strut its stuff without fear of rejection. Think about it. Whether sexting someone, talking on the phone, or chatting through a video screen, dirty talk happens more effortlessly using technology. After all, can you think of a better way to get in the moment if the person does not happen to be in the same room with you? What better way can there be to practice your oral skills (pun intended) than in a virtual hook up?

Obviously, you can’t just grab a woman’s legs and flip her over if you can only see her through a live camera feed. So you’ll have to say, “I want to grab those legs and flip you over.”

Then she’ll turn over and say, “Mmm, yes Daddy. Spank me harder.”

Something so completely awkward when you’re physically present with someone becomes ever-so-sexy when you are not. Intriguing, right? … So give us a moment to offer some suggestions.

Dirty Talk … Keep Talkin’ Dirty Talk


Talk Dirty with Khya

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Tanya Reyns

Talk Dirty with Camster Model Tanya Reyns

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Arianna Aries

Arianna Aries

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Ova Parslow

Dirty Talk with Ova Parslow

“Awesome show. This girl is ripped and sexy, loves to please you, she never gets tired! Had a great time!”

Seriously, cam girls have the best talent when it comes to dirty chat. Their ethereal voices are already enough to make their fans crave more, but when they say how badly they want you, it cranks up the heat to all new levels. Sometimes, the “act” of sex can be more exciting than “actual” sex. Crazy how technology has changed everything, right?!

So take some time with these women. Ask them questions. Be open with them. Even the most skilled among us wants to “get better” at sex, and if dirty talk can be another tool in your arsenal, you should become an expert with that one as well. Educational opportunities abound at camster.com, so look at it this way: It beats the heck out of sitting in a lecture hall with 1,000 other bored people taking notes on a topic nobody except the professor cares about? Of course if all professors used sex toys as a part of their lectures, attendance would go way up.