Eyes Have It

Article by Sam Machado

Did you know that when cam girls sign up to be live sex models, they can become huge in a matter of weeks? Sometimes, all they need will be a nice camera and the ability to lure fans in with their piercing eyes and ethereal voices. Nice eyes can lead to success!

Eyes on Camming for the First Time

It probably comes as no surprise that the popularity of camming has skyrocketed in the past two years because of the pandemic. It makes a lot of sense that people around the globe (whether model or customer) would turn to live sex during the isolation. People lost their jobs and had to work from home to make ends meet. Others were horny and couldn’t have random hookups on dating apps so they had to get creative and enjoy live sex through the computer screen. In fact, thousands of the most successful models you’ll come across started their camming careers during the pandemic. But many other popular models got started within the last few months in the (sort of?) eye of the post-pandemic, so never let timing throw you off.

Cam models who started their careers within the last 10 years have probably noticed a significant change in live sex chat. Cameras back then were struggling a lot, and choppy connections were the norm in that early era. But times have changed to the point where we basically enjoy quality with every experience. These days we have special cameras that make the virtual connection super cool — almost like being in the same room! While models who’ve been camming for a long time celebrate their good fortune, the newcomers slide in (pardon the expression) and never know the difference. Just a few years ago who would have thought that working from home and showing your tits on camera could turn you into a rich icon? That’ll bring stars to your eyes.

At Camster we are always here to help, though, so we can certainly offer up a few notes to remember for the models who got started within the past year. While “overnight success” can happen in the huge camming world, there will be days where it can be slower. Take those times to exercise a ‘practice makes perfect’ approach, and get out of your head. Just let loose and have fun. You’ll expand your range, increase your attraction to a broader audience, and, well, y’know, you’ll be having fun. Honestly, though, if one thing ranks as most important for getting the most eyes on you in the cam professional world, we’d have to say it all comes down to consistency..

The more time a model spends broadcasting, the higher her chances are of becoming (and remaining) a success. That may sound simple, but when you ask the popular and rich models today how they reached that level, they invariably mention consistency as being critical to really keeping in touch with the fans. It could take years to become successful or it could take just a few weeks. (Or should you be an A-List Hollywood actress it might only take one day, but we’re presuming not many of you fall into that category.)

We can tell you one thing with 100% certainty, though: You will never know what you can achieve unless you keep your eyes open and take the time to go online. See what being there for the fans’ needs can do for your own. As fans of cam girls ourselves, we can honestly say that customers have lots of needs! If you need some more visual inspiration, check out some hot players who have all been camming for less than a year, yet have managed to score their way to the top of Camster.com!

Keep Your Eyes on the Balling

Olivia Trae 11 months

Olivia Trae Eyes Success

“Olivia is the only reason why I login. I was bored one night and decided to give this a try. She needs to be number one on this site! She is sexy, gorgeous and funny as hell!”

Luna Athen — 3 months

Eyes on Luna Athen

“Drop dead gorgeous lady! Perfect in every way. 25 stars.”

Anastasia Anna — 11 months

The Eyes of Anastasia Anna

“Anastasia is one of the nicest models I’ve come across! Very friendly and engaging. Has an absolutely adorable personality! Let’s not forget how attractive she is!”

Aitana Hilton1 month

Camster's Aitana Hilton

“Aitana Hilton is an amazing lady to meet and talk to. So sweet and kind and very pretty and a kind heart. A great joy to know and lots of fun to know and be with.”

Naty De Luca — 1 month

Naty De Luca for Camster

“On this site, you will not find a better girl than Naty De Luca. That says it all.”

Bottom line, keep your options open. Come visit with some of less experienced talent and get to know them. Ask questions. (And, of course, do whatever else feels natural while doing so.) Maybe someday you’ll give it a try yourself, or talk a friend into trying it with you. We can’t think of a single good reason not to have some fun and make some money. After all, clearly the eyes are above the nose here. (Sorry. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves.)