John McAfee

Article by Sean Bruce

“Oh, you’re Joe Biden. You’re the president.”

“The president? Of what, sweetheart?”

“Of America.”

“Oh, really?”

I think that would be far better. How much damage can that motherfucker do? I’m serious.

You’re renowned on social media for having some of the most interesting hot takes regarding conspiracies and current affairs. Let’s run through a few major news stories, and you tell me what you think. First, Jeffrey Epstein…

There’s obviously a fucking conspiracy there. If you define conspiracy as more than a few people wanting him dead and managing to make it happen.

Good God almighty, everybody knows that he was strangled by his cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione.

And so, we know it goes as high as the warden. Beyond that, I mean even me, John McAfee, cannot go higher than that. And I wish I could.

What about 5G technology? There’s a lot of conspiracy talk around that.

I’m not a doctor, but it is microwave radiation, you have to admit. Put something in the microwave oven and turn it on and see what happens to it. That’s 5G, people. Now, admittedly, it’s a much, much, much lower power. However, it’s for the rest of your fucking life. Not just for two minutes at a super high power, it’s maybe 50 fucking years at a very low power. Nobody knows what that’s going to do. I don’t know what it’s going to do.

I do know this: It’s going to locate your sorry ass within 10 inches or locate your phone within 10 inches. You’re not going to escape anybody with 5G.

What about pedophile rings operating out of Washington, D.C., pizza stores? Sounds crazy, but does it hold any water?

Hang on. You’re talking to a man who’s already in hiding from the IRS and their long fucking arm. You want me to piss off some super powerful people? I have no intention of doing so. Next question, my friend.

What about vaccines and Bill Gates? Because Gates gets a lot of hate these days, but he seems like an all right guy.

I’ve only met Bill one time, and that was 1985. And in all of my existence of 74 fucking years, I’ve never met a more boring individual. To the point that if you said, “Mr. McAfee, you have the choice of having dinner with Bill Gates or driving this 10-penny nail through your foot.” I’d say, “Give me the goddamn nail and hammer.”

Now Bill Gates, it’s pretty well known and it’s probably a true fact that he founded and ran one of the largest computer and software companies on the face of the planet. From my own experiences running businesses, the only way you can survive is through deception and disinformation as far as what your plans are for the future.

No conversation with John McAfee would be complete without talking a bit about computer viruses. How do you think the culture around viruses has changed over the years?

We don’t really have viruses. Number one, you can’t make any money. I mean, there are programs that lock down your computer and demand money. Ransomware, that’s a virus. But beyond that, there’s no money in it.

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