Luxury Ghosts with Lasers

Article by Team Penthouse

Consider the latest in the Penthouse suggestions for things to acquire at the first opportunity — y’know, once we become richer.

Penthouse Highlife — Spring 2021

Think luxury. Think really, really, screw the world I want to play luxury. Then close your eyes.

Scratch that last part. You can’t read with your eyes closed. Our bad. … Still, with all the chaos running rampant … well, everywhere … at the very least we need to keep our brains exercised with goals. One does not need to spend thousands of dollars to be happy, obviously, but the ability to do so can make the journey more pleasant. On that note, then, let us provide you with some fantasy that does not actually involve a beautiful naked woman. (That said, all of these things would be better if enjoyed with a beautiful naked woman. Just sayin’.)

Sound Luxury Advice

Montblanc HeadphonesMontblanc has built a reputation with quality luxury accessories, seamlessly blending form with function. From their outstanding signature fountain pens to their sleek and stylish leather wallets, the German manufacturer’s creations are crafted from the finest materials, making them favored by fans of quality and performance.

Recognizing more people are meeting online rather than face-to-face, Montblanc has heeded the demands of its loyal customer base to create a pair of multifunctional headphones that meet the brand’s high-quality standards. 

The Montblanc MB 01 Over-Ear Headphones have literally been designed to redefine your expectations of working and listening. A clever blend of leather cushioning enables all-day comfort that feels natural and light when worn. 

Their minimalistic form and colorway also mean they’ll never look out of place, regardless of whether you’re in full work attire or winding down at home. You can take calls, listen to music or simply cancel out the hustle and bustle of the office around you.

A proximity sensor automatically plays and pauses audio when applying or removing the headphones, while you can also manually control music, volume and power. Supreme clarity will have you discovering elements of your favorite songs you never knew existed, while a built-in microphone allows you to drop into a call whenever you need.

Bring out the LASER Luxury

Hisense L5 Laser ProjectorHisense may have started out as a white goods producer in China nearly 70 years ago, but they have transformed into a leader in high-end electronics.

A recent addition to its catalog is the game-changing L5, a pioneering piece of technology that offers perfect 4K, Ultra HD imagery on a 100-inch screen, with the goal to introduce the ultimate cinematic experience to people within their own homes.

A JBL Cinema Sound System provides surround sound quality usually reserved for multiplex theaters, offering a truly immersive experience with everything you watch.

The high-end home cinema also features a dual color laser that sharpens everything you see onscreen, ridding the risk of light dispersion while offering a more natural viewing experience. This means it actually adapts to its surroundings, so you always have the best, sharpest image displayed right in front of you. Moreover, a VIDAA operating system brings it in line with the plethora of Smart TVs that are currently on the market.

Users can also gain instant access to providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as Vudu, without the need to cast from your phone to an exterior Chromecast or Firestick. Being a market leader in home TV does come at a cost, however. You’ll find the most recent version of the L5 available for $6,999, but all things considered, it might just be a bargain. You will never need to fork out for a trip to the movies again.

INSTA- Inspired Luxury

Alexander KraftIt takes a certain type of person to be the CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty France-Monaco for over 30 years. An individual who knows the value of all things luxury. Berliner Alexander Kraft is that very individual, a man who just may be the most dapper chap on Instagram.

During his journey, studying law in the U.K., U.S. and Germany, Kraft has managed to develop a timeless style that has become the go-to example of the classy modern man.

The proof is all on his Instagram account, where the current Monaco resident regularly posts snaps of himself in all his grandeur at locations reserved exclusively for those who have a bit of money to throw around.

He’s even produced his own collection of impeccably tailored garments under the name Alexander Kraft Monte Carlo, a range of timeless pieces that ooze class and style. From camel hair polo overcoats to stately tweed trousers, it’s made for those who hold only the highest standards.

Ghost with the Most (Luxury)

2021 Rolls Royce GhostThe Latest Unveiling From The World’s Most Renowned Luxury Marque Rolls-Royce is a true architect of the luxury vehicle.

The name is synonymous with luxury, success, fortune and a high-end lifestyle — the royal family of car manufacturing. Since 2010, the Ghost has been one

of their most sought-after models, a car sighted in only the most prestigious global locales.

Rolls-Royce has given the Ghost an upgrade for 2021, with plenty of personalized options to give you your own custom version of this bestseller. First up is an impressive 6.75L V12 – 850NM 563BHP engine that delivers impressive torque with low RPM, helping power and performance go hand in hand. 

But its the subtle innovations are what really make this version of the Ghost stand out. Its laser headlights give you up to 600 meters of visual range, twice that of a standard LED. Effortless door opening ensures you will never have to struggle to step out with grace; it’s like a virtual chauffeur at your beck and call.

And if you do just so happen to have a real chauffeur, you can sit back and relax in front of your built-in smart screen for meetings on the go. If you and your partner also require a little on-the-road aperitif, there’s a champagne compartment fully equipped with glasses and a bottle holder. 

And what would a Rolls-Royce be without the Spirit of Ecstasy proudly sitting atop the car’s hood? Well, for this 2021 edition, the statuette appears from nowhere once the car is put into drive mode — as graceful as the vehicle it sits upon. 

So there you have it, our luxury list of things we simply must have — just as soon as we get a seriously big raise from the (clearly comatose at that point) boss here. Ah, well. Without dreams, what do we have in life really?

Do not be shy about looking for more detail on some of these enhancements to one’s physical station. by all means. Only one of them costs as much as a house in some places — or a carport in Los Angeles. Consider @alexander.kraft and a life well earned. Think about the 4K Experience of The Boys on an 8-ft television screen of your very own. Or do what we do an imagine how many Pets you could get to ride with you in one of these Ghosts of Christmas Every Day. Seriously, why would you ever get out of the car?