Penthouse 2020 Pet of the Year

Article by Team Penthouse

For the true Penthouse fan, we even found a baker’s dozen collection of Lacy from her 2020 Pet of the Year shoot. (And should you be old enough to know how many of something it takes to create a baker’s dozen, you are probably qualified to understand what a true Penthouse fan means.

Enjoy Moments Frozen in Time with the 2020 Pet of the Year — Ironically, Hot

We obviously encourage you to stay in touch with Lacy as she tries to manage the COVID-19-interrupted reign as our 2020 Pet of the Year for Penthouse Magazine. You can do the Instagram Thing @MissLacyLennon — when she gets that operational again. (Stars get thrown off Instagram so often some of us believe they do it just for sport.) Or you can hop on the Twitter Thing and get to Lacy right now. Either way, be sure to congratulate her. And tell her to come by the office more often.

It would also make sense to check out Lacy originally here.

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