Penthouse Post-Corona Emergence

Article by Team Penthouse

It’s Time To Get Serious About Your Post-Corona Grooming Habits

The Lockdown Glow Up

As we begin our Post-Corona Emergence trek and begin anticipating a return to some kind of new normality (and lockdown laws relax), it’s time to have a look in the mirror and see if your head and face could do with a touch of TLC. You may also want to lose a bit of that lockdown flab in time for a day on the beach, especially if you’re looking to grab a certain kind of attention.

A new look is a great way to give yourself a morale boost. It can be as small or as big as you like, but it has to have a positive impact on your appearance and add a bit of swagger to your step. Maybe you want to grow your beard out, or lose the beard altogether for a ‘stache? Maybe you want to go for a short back and sides or get a high fade. Either way, these things should be carefully considered for maximum effect.


You’re bound to have a great day when your hair is looking good. If your hair product isn’t doing exactly what you need for the style you like, it’s time to explore new options. Everyone’s hair is different, so finding the right hair product can take a bit of trial and error. The main things to consider are the hold and the finish. If you shop online, read the product descriptions and feel free to email the store with any questions you have. Your hair and face need to work together to bring some perspective to your appearance. You might have a small forehead or a round face that isn’t going to work with certain hairstyles. Likewise, if you have a long beard and a super high pompadour but you’re a bit of a shortie, your head is going to appear a lot larger than it actually is. Striking the right balance is important from the off.

A good barber or hairdresser is always going to look at what type of hair you have and your head shape when discussing a cut. If you have a few ideas, it’s always best to have a little consultation with them first as they are usually right when it comes to what will and won’t work. Remember, the more you say, the easier their job becomes, so it’s a win-win situation.


It’s encouraging to see men taking a real vested interest in caring for their skin. Skin care is certainly not just for the ladies; we all have a face and we all feel good when it’s looking its best. Keep things simple by cleansing and moisturizing daily with a once-a-week exfoliation.

From protecting your face from daily pollution to reducing wrinkles, along with promoting an all-round handsome mug, moisturizing daily along with a weekly exfoliation is a new norm for the modern man. A really good face wash for morning and night will also ensure the effects of a hard day’s slog are removed, while retaining essential natural oils that protect your skin. There’s a wide range of skin care products specifically made for men on the market now. Pro tip: the more natural the ingredients, the better the results.  


Whether you’re a bearded gent or prefer a clean shave, we’ve got some simple tips for taming your facial hair. To start, a good beard oil is essential for preventing itchy beards that can fall victim to beardruff. Followed by a beard balm, your beard hairs will be left feeling soft and looking relaxed. When shaving, think about whether you suffer from razor burn regularly. If the answer is yes, you most likely need to consider a safety razor for a closer shave without irritation.

If you’re considering losing your beard altogether and returning to a clean-shaven look, be wary of sensitive skin that hasn’t been introduced to a razor for a wee while. If you do have skin irritations when shaving in general, it’s wise to take as much off as possible with your clippers and finish with a safety razor. A good cut-throat shave at your barbershop is even better, as it is refreshing, enjoyable and leaves your skin blemish-free.

The Package

By exploring new products, reading labels and asking questions in stores and barber shops, you’ll begin to figure out exactly what works for you. Forge good daily habits by taking the time to implement a simple grooming routine that leaves you feeling and looking sharp every day. Life is a game of confidence, so stay ahead by using the right tools.