Carolina White

Carolina White Pet CoverPenthouse Pet of the Month September 2021

Height: 5’9″
Measurements: 34D-26-36
Hometown: Newnan, GA
Fun Fact: Collects Vintage T-Shirts

Prior to shooting with Penthouse, have you done any type of modeling, camming, exotic dancing, or acting?
I have been a mainstream fashion model/actor for over 10 years in Atlanta. I started camming about 2 years ago, now, though. It’s a completely different world than mainstream modeling, but it turns out I love it.

90s Country



If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?
Either a Forensic Pathologist, lawyer, or a crime scene investigator because im obsessed with criminal Law, true crime and forensics.

Describe your ideal man. 
He’s confident but doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s also driven and kind. Physically, I usually find myself attracted to guys with classic, all-American looks. But without a doubt, chemistry is a must.

What are your biggest turn-ons and turn-offs? 
My biggest turn-ons are confidence and eye contact. My biggest turn-offs are insecurity, aggressive, and/or possessive behavior. And bad breath. I really dislike bad breath.

What’s your favorite type of vacation spot?
I love visiting the mountains in the fall, staying in a cozy cabin in the woods and visiting wineries.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done? 
I went scuba diving, around 100 feet deep, all while having an intense fear of deep dark water and sharks!

Do you have any hidden talents?
I just got my Phlebotomy License, and I can lick my elbow.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Macaroni and Cheese.

When are you the happiest?
When I am with my dogs.

What is the sexiest quality a person can possess?

What is the most exciting place you’ve ever had sex?
In a very well lit parking lot up against his truck after a really amazing date 🙂

When you are about to be photographed in the nude, how do you mentally prepare?
I clear my mind, first. They I hype myself up by think of something or someone who really turns me on. Fortunately I generally have no problem doing that.

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What do you sleep in?
The nude.

Celebrity Crush?
Chris Evans.

Favorite Holiday?

What gets you in trouble the most?
My mouth. lol

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