Charlotte Stokely

Penthouse Cover May 2017Penthouse Pet of the Month May 2017

Height: 5’4″
Measurements: 34-25-36
Hometown: Salt Lake City

Fun Fact: 
“I once covered my naked breasts in paint, pressed them into a canvas and painted around the outline of my nipples. I gave the painting to my friend as a gift. They hung it on my wall. I never told them I had used my boobs. Ha!”

The queen of inappropriate sexual innuendo? Really? 
(Laughs) I don’t have a filter, and I like wordplay and puns.

You know this is where you give us an example, right? 
I’m in the elevator at a nice restaurant in Santa Monica, me and this stodgy couple who were talking about the Chinese New Year. I couldn’t help it. I just blurted out, “Yeah, Year of the Fire Cock.” They just stared.

And how has the Year of the Fire Cock been treating you? 
It’s good. I was nominated for six different awards by XBIZ and AVN. Exciting.

That is exciting. How did you get started in the adult industry? 
My friend was fucking a male performer. When I met him, he asked me. I said no, but by the third time he asked, I agreed.

So that’s the trick? Just ask you three times and poof? 
Once I got to know him it was cool. It was something I always wanted to do.

What was it like? 
My first experience was interesting. I had an office job — my own desk and everything. I did it on my lunch break. I showed up, got fucked, and was paid in cash. I got back to the office an hour late — snuck back to my desk unshowered and covered in come. No one noticed. A week later, the movie came out and everyone knew.

What’s your favorite sexual position? 
At the moment, it’s me on my back with my ankles at my partner’s neck while he’s licking my toes and penetrating me.

That’s the surefire way to make you come? 
It’s easier for me to come on my back. If it’s all going right, I get insanely wet. Huge wet spot in the bed. Then we fight over who has to sleep on it. Not me. 

Do you squirt, or just get really wet? 
I can squirt, but it happens when I’m making love, not getting fucked. One time I squirted three feet. It flew across the bed and landed on the guy-I-was-dating’s guitar. He was like, “Whoa.” Squirting is real.

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