Submission Possible

Article by Deb Kavis

I will be putting all of my creative energy and resources into bringing queer, transgender and sex worker narratives to television and feature films through this new company. June 4th Lust Cinema just released what will be my last erotic film – Someone Like You. It’s an exciting time for television and film and I’m really thrilled to be a part of it.

What is your kinky root? How does kink enrich your life and your view of the world around you?

I don’t ever remember a time in which I felt like other people. I always felt kinky and queer, gravitating to things that were maybe odd to other folks. I didn’t resonate with the mainstream culture that I was surrounded by or the heteronormative depiction of a love and relationships.

But some of my kinky roots came out of Catwoman comic books and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I remember being very turned on by Catwoman and her latex catsuit and her whip. That is definitely one of the origins of my kink.

I was also always squeezing myself into small, confined spaces as a kid and loved big tight bear hugs and compression.

I have anxiety disorder and tight compression always felt comforting and helped me to regulate my nervous system.

My family are all arborists, so I grew up around trees and rope. The smell of rope just has this warm feeling of home and a place of belonging, a fibrous tight bear hug quality.

So, when I started exploring sex as a young adult, kink just naturally interwove into my experiences and fantasies.

My kinky identity and queerness feel very interwoven to me. Both are this way of existing in this world in a very mindful and intentional way. An embodied way of being. When you’re kinky and queer, the default social norms just don’t fit, they don’t work. So instead, you have to write a new script, write a new narrative, build a new container based on your desires.

You imagine a life, a relationship, a kinky dynamic, a world into existence based on listening to your authentic self, listening to your body, your desires. I think this way of being does affect the way I view the world around me. It makes me question old paradigms and imagine new ways of being to existence. It informs how I create art and film. I feel like that way of being is immensely enriching and is a part of my identity and how I walk through this world outside of the bedroom.

Kink and queerness both hold this space for building your own way of being. I love that. It smashes any ideas of what sex or gender, or relationships should look like and allows you to think deeply about what sex and relationships really are to you.