Tips from a Male Prostitute

Article by Team Penthouse

“Amazingly, the guy asked me to come back. The second time he says, ‘Look, all I want you to do is put her over the hole and fuck her.’ So I said, ‘Okay, fine.’ I get her in bed, over the hole. We’re fucking away, and all of a sudden the bed breaks! It just caves in, falls right on top of him. So that was the end of that experience. I have no idea what happened to the couple, but it was probably the craziest thing that ever happened to me.”

In at least one case, the “craziness” of the husband took a turn toward viciousness and violence. Frank remembers it vividly, and with at least a hint of shame. “It was a couple from somewhere in the Middle East, someplace where the man is the absolute boss. The woman had just gone through a hysterectomy. I really don’t know why this guy wanted to do it, because his wife was still recovering from the operation. But he wanted someone to fuck her. He wanted it badly. Well, the woman wasn’t interested and I really wasn’t either. I mean, I didn’t want to hurt this woman.

“It seemed like I was there for a long time, I guess because of all the tension. We finally put her in a chair, and then he used me as an instrument to rape her. That’s really what it amounted to. I mean, I didn’t hurt her; I was as gentle as I could possibly be, but that’s basically what it was. I was an instrument he used to rape his wife.”

“Afterward, when he went out of the room, I told her I was sorry. I know it was a little late for that shit, but I had such ambivalent feelings about what was going on. But she kept telling me it was okay, so I felt a little relieved. When I left there I remember thinking, Gee, this couple is doomed.”

If Frank is willing to perform such marginal and potentially dangerous acts as rape by proxy, the question then becomes: where does he draw the line? What does it take to get him to say no? Are there any entrees on the sexual menu that he finds disgusting? Apparently, the question comes up far more often with men than with women. “I won’t fuck a guy in the ass,” he says, “and I won’t allow myself to be fucked that way. Also, whatever I’m doing, I always stop short of injury.

“Other than that, I’ve never really passed the line on anything. I’ve spanked guys, fist-fucked them, pissed on them, I’ve gone through oral trips with guys who wanted to be berated or dominated in some way both verbally and physically. . . But nothing was ever disgusting, okay? There have been things that I thought were hard, like kissing guys, but nothing was ever disgusting.”

On the brighter side of things, there are times when Frank actually seems to be doing a social service, when he functions not only as a paid stud but as a sort of amateur sex therapist. “A lot of women,” he says, “just want somebody to talk to. They can’t talk to their husbands for whatever reason, so they use me as a sounding board. They think that I’m the guy with the experience, so they ask me the questions. Sometimes you have to do a lot of soothing.”

Originally published in the June 1983 issue of Penthouse magazine. But male prostitutes still exist.